Did you know that you have to pay up to 6 month salary in the event an employee is dismissed unfairly? Did you know that you have to be registered with the Department of Labour if you have more than 50 employees? Are you compliant with SARS regulations?
As a member of Basket Of Benefits you have immediate access to professionals and mentors in the following fields:
  • General Business
  • Legal & Labour
  • Finance
  • Tax
  • IT
Our agents will connect you to the professionals between Monday to Friday 8:30 and 16:30. However, you can contact our centre 24/7 and log your question with our professional agents and they will pass the details onto our specialists.
The most frequent issues are:
Legal matters:
  • Battling with some of your customers owing you money and you need a demand letter drafted?
  • Needing assistance with shareholders agreements?
  • Struggling with employment contracts, disciplinary hearings or dismissals or CCMA matters?
Financial & Tax matters:
  • Wanting to apply for funding for expansion of your operations?
  • Looking for purchase order finance and unsure how to structure it?
  • Needing guidance in terms of your VAT or income tax returns?
General Business & IT matters:
  • Wanting to get new business from other African countries and needing guidance?
  • Needing help with your customer retention plans?
  • Needing new computers for your office and not too sure which hardware and software to order?
  • For any business related questions call us on 0861 444 443 today!